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Diffuser / Reflector / Plant Clip

Designed with Photographers in Mind

Basic & Conversion Kits - Features / Specifications
FMS System Basic Kit

Lightweight, Compact, Convenient

   * Entire unit weighs only 4 oz.

   * Easily folds to fit in a camera
       bag or photo vest pocket

Non-twist Ground Stake
* Strong & lightweight aircraft
      aluminum construction

   * Unique "V" shaped design
      won't rotate or spin when set
      in theground

Diffuser/Reflector/Plant Clip
   * Locking notch feature of the
      DRP clip, secures and holds
      your diffusers & reflectors for
      precise positioning totally
      eliminating "swivel or flop".

    * DRP clip is strong, yet gentle enough to grip & support all but the most delicate of plants
       without damage.

   * DRP clip will hold all major brands of 12-14 in. reflectors

24 inch Flexible Armature

* Total overall length approximately 32 in. including ground stake & DRP clip.

FMS Tripod Clamp Conversion Kit**

Designed to work with the flexible armature of your existing Tripod based clamp and Convert it to the FMS System’s convenient and versatile Ground Stake version.

Kit Includes Non Twist Ground Stake & Diffuser/ Reflector / Plant Clip.
**Works with the “Plamp & McClamp’s" flexible armature.

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