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Diffuser / Reflector / Plant Clip

Macro Photographers,..              

Free Your Creativity!


Introducing,..   The Field-Macro-Support System

Diffuser / Reflector / Plant Clip & Support!

Release your artistic vision from the confines of your tripod!!!

With the FMS Macro Support and Clamp System,  Now you can securely, precisely, position & hold your reflectors / diffusers!  You can support & steady your subjects for macro and close-up photography and do so no matter what the distance from your camera & tripod.

The unique, non-twist stake firmly anchors the FMS support in the ground next to your subject and frees you to move about with your camera & tripod to compose your image.  Frame and shoot from any angle,  Any position.  Without the need to adjust or reposition your subject or lighting!

The Locking Notch feature of the FMS's D/R/P clip securely grips the metal band around your reflectors and eliminates any "swivel, sag or flop!"    Enabling you to "Precisely" direct, and focus the light exactly where you want it.  You no longer need to worry about your subject or lighting setup changing with every gust of wind or adjustment you make to your framing & composition! 

Serious Amateur and Professional Photographers alike will be able to appreciate the new found sense of Creative Freedom & Control they experience  using the FMS system.

Get better macro shots from every angle with the FMS Macro Support System!!

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